A Cloud Benchmarking Tools Collection

From time to time we see the need to evaluate the performance of systems running in the cloud with those on-premises. As a reference (mostly for myself) I created a list of tools for this purpose. Note that most of these tools are in no way specific to cloud environments. Storage performance Performance of cloud storage in most environments depend Read more…

A brief look at Oracle Database Service for Azure (ODSA)

In the past, I have written several posts about the interconnect between Oracle Cloud (OCI) and Microsoft Azure. Usually, this interconnect is used to host databases in OCI. However, Azure is used to run applications and other components. While it could be a good solution for some businesses, it had several drawbacks for companies who wanted to run Oracle databases in the cloud without having to manage multi-cloud environments. In a new PaaS-style approach to running databases in OCI and hiding much of the interconnect complexity from Azure users, Oracle has released Oracle Database Service for Azure (ODSA). In my post, I will take a brief look at this solution.

Patching Compute Instance Fleets with Oracle Cloud (OCI) OS Management

An annoying thing when you cannot have immutable infrastructure is that you need to patch and update your compute instances from time to time. In the worst case this needs to be done manually, a painful and error-prone process. Of course there are tools to do that in a more sensible way, one of them being the OS Management tooling that is available for free in Oracle Cloud. This post shows how to do so using OCI CLI.

Why I implemented a Serverless Function in COBOL.

Serverless Functions are usually associated with programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Go or even plain old Java. But sometimes there is this one procedure, this one application that you need to run once or twice a week for recalculating those old contracts that would be a perfect fit for a cloud native, serverless implementation. But it was written in some Read more…

Fun with Go Functions: Flexible Oracle Functions Logging to Syslog

Oracle recently added a new logging service to their offering. This logging service supports both custom and service logs. The former is your classic “agent-sends-log-to-logserver” type of log service. The latter will finally give access to logs coming from services such as Load Balancers, API Gateways, Events or Functions. While i really have missed this for most of the services, Read more…