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Runtime version problems when building fnproject functions? Just roll your own images then.

When playing around with Oracle Functions and fnproject i pretty soon encountered some build problems for my function written in Go. It simply didn’t play well with some newer Go modules i was using. To understand what was happening here, you need to understand how serverless functions in fnproject are built and deployed. Basically you get docker images used for Read more…

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Oracle Cloud (OCI) to Microsoft Azure Interconnect

Oracle and Microsoft announced a few weeks ago that their cloud offerings Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Microsofts Azure will have a stronger interconnection, thus making multi-cloud setups for enterprises a tad easier.

There are guides for both Oracle Cloud (OCI) and Microsoft Azure that show the setup of an interconnection in a more or less detailed way, still each focuses on just one part of the setup. Since i still missed a more integrated description of how to get OCI and Azure interconnected, i decided to create the required configurations for terraform and write down an explanation of the required steps.