Some background to understanding what i am up to.


I graduated 1999 in Psychology at the University of Vienna. At that time the institute had a strong focus on quantitative methods and test theory, i.e. the statistical methods used to design and validate psychological tests. So i had been working with things like probabilistic testing theory or latent class analysis to make things measurably you cannot observe directly. As you can imagine, i am having fun with the current data science and machine learning hype.

Business Administration

I graduated 2001 in Business Administration at the Vienna University for Economics and Business Administration. This is where my affinity for IT & technology is coming from – i had a focus on IT-related topics which lead to some years spent as research assistant working on recommender systems.

Fun fact: i also did a bachelor in business law several years later there too.


I worked in an IT architect role in various companies over the last few years. Been fun, even if you do things like TOGAF.


And lately i spent some time with cloud technologies, working especially with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Microsoft Azure. The most relevant certifications i finished in this field are

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Professional
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Alibaba ACA Cloud Computing Certification


I am currently working for Oracle as Cloud Architect, but any posts on this blog reflect my own views and opinions only.


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