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A Terraform Module for Setup of OCI-Azure Interconnect

Just this week I published a Terraform module for setting up an OCI-Azure interconnect. This basically is the code I already provided earlier and described in a few of my older posts.

What you will get

The module will create a few resources on Azure and OCI to set up the interconnect. These resources are highlighted in blue in the following diagram.

In detail, the module will create

What you need to create yourself

Before you can use the module, you need to create a few resources yourself. You need to provide these in the module configuration.

How to use in your own environment

The following sample shows the module configuration. The parameters are described at

  module "interconnect" {
  source  = "maxjahn/azure-interconnect/oci"
  version = "1.0.0"

    oci_compartment_ocid             = var.oci_compartment_ocid
    oci_vcn_id                       =

    az_resource_group_name           = "interconnect_ams"
    az_vnet_name                     = "interconnect_vnet"
    az_gw_subnet_cidr                = ""

    az_expressroute_peering_location = "Amsterdam2"

    interconnect_peering_net         = ""

    # optional
    enable_service_transit_routing   = 0
    az_expressroute_sku              = "Standard"
    az_expressroute_bandwidth        = 1000
    oci_fastconnect_bandwidth        = "1 Gbps"
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