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Using Azure AD for Authentication for Oracle APEX Applications

What you should know: I am currently working for Nordcloud as Cloud Advisor, but any posts on this blog reflect my own views and opinions only.

When investigating more Azure-OCI topics, i came across the case of using Oracle APEX applications running on an Autonomous Database. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some low-code app built with APEX that integrates nicely with your Azure AD for authentication? Actually it is pretty easy to do so, i will show you the simple steps in a short video.

The only drawback i see here is that the setup includes mostly manual tasks. I’d really love to see a smart way to automate and parametrize the deployment of APEX apps… Well, the steps i show you will work, that is the most important point for now.

Step 1: Create a simple APEX application

Step 2: Register the application in Azure AD

Step 3: Grant users access to the application in Azure AD

Step 4: Add Web Credentials in APEX

Step 5: Enable Authentication in APEX

OK, that should be it. Now you got you integration running.

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